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    The Dilemma in the Program Called brim 2018

    There will always be a dilemma in everything. There will always be opposing ideas on a certain topic. People have a different point of views. Achieving a unison in point of view is rarely attainable. The difference in point of view can also be observed in the government. Not everyone is of the same ideals.

    The government is usually composed of opposing ideas. They tend to take time considering the positive and the negative views of each member. The debate will continue until they are able to come into agreement. It can serve as a great improvement to polish every policy.

    In Malaysia, there is a program implemented to aid the poor people. It is the brim 2018 program. But what was the dilemma in the program?


    Before we deal with the positive, let’s start with the retaliators of the program. Some people have been expressing their negative insights about it. It even includes comments such as the program is a form of bribery and vote-buying. Some of the comments even stated that it is the program’s creator’s way to stay in power – Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

    Aside from that, some critics also say that instead of giving money to the poor, the government should be dealing with providing opportunities for the poor. Critics stated that it promotes over-dependency to the government.

    Of course, some economist can describe the program as a legacy and a success story of Minister Razak. One of the most popular economists pleased was Jomo Kwame Sundaram. The beneficiaries will also be grateful to be under such financial aid program.

    The dilemma of the program being a trick to stay in power or a blessing to help the poor will always stay there. As long as the program is implemented, it shall be bombarded by issues and conspiracy theories. It is a trick for the retractors. It is a blessing to beneficiaries.

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