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    Samsung galaxy s9; get the best smart phone

    Getting the best smart phone with the astounding features and the specification has always been special for the user because it is somehow not the cherry picking you must be pretty sure with that. If someone might be asking you that what make you compelled to choose the best smart phone dams sure the answer would be the features and the physical specifications. The new features which have been added in the Samsung s8 like Samsung dex, Samsung connect iris scanner and the virtual assistance called Bixby.

    At this juncture I would like you to know some tremendous feature which will come along with the Samsung s9 the dex feature is the best just because you can have the experience of the desktop. Learn more about samsung galaxy s9 on this site.

    By connecting the monitor without having the CPU you can enjoy everything belongs to the device in the desktop and this one makes more appealing by getting the internet connection. The Samsung connect is also an incredible feature by which you can be capable to get connected all your smart home appliances with your mobiles and operate by mobiles.

    Eventualities of getting the best feature makes any smart phone quite attracting but you must know that what you are going to choose for yourself because the s8 is kind of pricy. So you can expect the price which comes along with the magnificent features would be more than average and the launching time must in the march 2018. If we go across the fact which undoubtedly truth about the Samsung galaxy s9 plus will be containing more features than s8 plus even in the enhanced level.

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