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    Make a Good Choice Between Ecobee3 Lite Vs Ecobee3

    It’s no doubt that CCTV can make your life easier especially when you have to have your eye on your home or your office as well as in areas like stores and warehouses. You don't have to worry about buying one since many of them are very affordable nowadays. There are some factors that you also have to consider when you are going to buy good quality and long lasting CCTV. Even though there are very cheap ones it doesn’t mean that everything has the same amount of durability and features, it helps when you look closely at what the CCTV brand has to offer.

    Comparing Various CCTV Brands

    There are many CCTV brands that you can choose from such as ecobee3 vs ecobee3 lite. in order to pick the best one, you need to look for what systems they run in. If you want a CCTV that has a DVR or digital video recorder with it, you will need to look for a package that offers one. The DVR is the main part of the camera system that conveniently records the footage on the camera.

    You should also check if the DVR includes a disc drive where it records the footage or if it comes in VCR or beta types. Older CCTV recorded their files on videotapes, which can be hard to come by now which is why it matters that you get the DVR instead. They will be cheaper and at the same time can record in better quality.

    There are also DVRs that are able to record in motion. Motion recording actually saves a lot of space since only small movements are caught on cameras. If you get CCTVs that will only record movement, you can save hundreds of hours of just staring into nothing on screen. It is easier when it comes to playback and it takes off a lot of time rather than watching a full 24-hour footage and hitting the fast-forward button.

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