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    Facts about wisdom teeth removal cost

    Wisdom teeth removal is necessary for many people because it causes them pain and gum inflammation. The condition they experience gets worse and sometimes it damages the other teeth and the misalignment of teeth.

    However, some people are hesitant to undergo such procedure because it's costly. In case you're in the same scenario, here are the facts that you need to know to understand the condition. More information on wisdom teeth removal cost on

    Types of tooth extraction

    There are three types of tooth extraction, which includes simple extractions, surgical extraction (soft tissue impaction) and surgical extraction (bony impaction). These extractions vary in cost because of the procedures needed to resolve the problem. 

    Here are the comprehensive details for wisdom tooth removal per type:

    • Simple extraction - For a simple extraction, a single tooth removal can cost from $75 to $200. However, it depends on your dentist's rate because some require you to pay up to $500 for a single tooth. However, there are some affordable dentists who require you to pay $1200 for all four wisdom teeth.

    • Surgical extraction (Soft tissue impaction) - There are two types of surgical extraction. One type is the soft tissue impaction. In the soft tissue impaction, the teeth are partially encased in a gum tissue. In most cases, you'll need to pay from $225 to $400 for a single tooth under this procedure. However, if you plan to remove all your teeth, you need to save up to $1500.

    • Surgical extraction (Bony impaction) - The bony impaction is costly than the two types because you need to save up to $500 for a surgical extraction. However, the high-end cost is more than $900. Therefore, you need to pay up to $3000 for all four teeth.


    Because the extraction is expensive, you can ask if your dental insurance covers it so you can cut the amount you need to spend for the extraction.

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