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    Charles Rosier on Ethical Investment

    Ethical investment, which is defined as an investment is suitable or sometimes referred to as Social Responsible Investment. It is a process of investing that put social and environmental process when a certain person selects an investment, and with this, it adds up a financial return which is competitive in today’s market. This means that the investing in companies is not considered harmful to the society or environment. If you are more curious about Charles Rosier then you can learn more about it on

    Charles Rosier has been actively involved in “ethical investment” and he is in favour of investment and “ethical” and responsible companies. Because of this advocacy, he joined Innoveox, a French-based company that is responsible for the introduction of a revolutionary technology towards the treatment of waste pollution. Charles Rosier became an administrator and a partner of Innoveox.

    Charles Rosier has been actively participating in new technologies and biotech and with this he invested in the study of Professor Etienne Baulieu the owner of Mapreg – a biopharmaceutical company who made research to find a cure for stroke, depression, quadriplegia and Alzheimer’s. This was Charles Rosier’s start for a healthcare project.

    In July 2011, made a launch of a company which is involved the anti-pollution process through super critical hydrothermal oxidation which sets a new beginning for Africa. The said invention is relevant since they are being confronted with industrial pollution because of development process. Charles Rosier was placed as the CEO of the company.

    Charles Rosier has been travelling around the world to let several continents for the application of the said technology wherein the new French technology recycles fresh water from liquid waste, without pollution and providing a source of positive energy. Charles Rosier pointed out that with this new technology those who are into oil, refining, chemistry and pharmaceuticals will become profitable without putting potential risks for the environment and will not put harm to their shareholders. Charles Rosier is positive that the new technology under Innoveox will somehow contribute to the well-being of the planet.

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