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    Defying Ageing And Looking Your With Detox

    Many does not know that we need to look our best at work as it creates a long  and lasting impression to people we see each day. In dealing with my staff, I need to be in a tip top shape so that I could also inspire them to do the same as well. When I am meeting with my VIP clients, I must also look my best and fabulous as they are investing in my company and usually success is first seen on how the CEO looks like as she is the top image of the company. Source for more about red smoothie detox factor recipes.

    For me, I make it a point that I do my daily workout to keep my body toned and firm, and it has been a routine already for me to engage in daily physical fitness being a member of the varsity team way back when I was still in school and it has become a regular habit. I also eat fresh food and healthy stuff all of the times, and I keep my calorie counts within the ranges that I am able to shed off each day.

    I take in a lot of fresh fruit drinks to keep me hydrated and supply myself with antioxidants. Sleep is very essential and I make it a point to have at least six to eight hours sleep each day, be it straight at night or I will split it up within the day comprising of several power naps when I am busy at work. But then, as we age, our body also age so it is inevitable for some to show ageing in their bodies and skin, but then being the head of my company, I could not dare to show any hint of slowing down or growing old so I would give time to get myselfred smoothie detox factor ingredients.

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