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    Complete Casing Inspection Survey

    Empire Special Services was created to fill an empty space in the casing inspection industry. Their personnel have over six decades of combined experience and use the most advanced technology in casing inspection hardware and software in the industry. Empire is presently the only company operating in North America with the capability to give their customers a complete casing inspection survey. Empire uses modern technology and reliable tools and devices to make their service exceptional.

    One tool that Empire Wireline uses is the Multi-Finger Caliper. It has high resolution calipers which can measure the interior radius of the wellbore casing and tubing. This caliper makes use of a corresponding number of measurement fingers and a series of displacement sensors. The radial displacement will be changed into an axial displacement of the sensor as it moves along the inner casing wall. After that, it will be processed, coded, and then transferred to surface system where the image of the casing will be attained. They use MFC to do point to point internal reading.

    Aside from MFC, Empire also makes use of electromagnetic thickness tool or EMT. It has the capability of giving their client a real corrosion valuation without having the influence of another, outer tubing string in the hole. Aside from that, it can give the client an evaluation of the inner casing and outer casing at the same time or trip in the hole.

    Pulse neutron neutron tool or PNN is also used by Empire. It measure sigma which is the ability of material to capture thermal neutrons. It counts the thermal neutrons reaching the detectors right away after their interaction with the surrounding formation. It can be applied to porosity, remaining hydrocarbon reserves estimation, water saturation behind casing, gas-water, oil-water, and gas-oil contacts locations, and others. They also have PNN processing and analysis software which can be used for high to moderate water salinity formations and for evaluation of lower salinity and lower porosity formations.

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