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    Best Laptops Under $600 -- The Convertible Version

    Do you want a convertible laptop under the mid-range category? It's a good news! There's a lot of laptop available today that you can choose. These laptops are under $600 and it can last for years.

    Dell Inspiron i5378

    Dell Inspiron i5378 is a convertible laptop that has a 13-inch display. It has a solid design that can be used for professional use. The screen is in HD format so you can find the images vivid. Source for more about best linux laptops.

    The performance of Dell Inspiron i5378 can beat other laptops and the storage is 1TB. When you switch to tablet mode, you'll feel that you're really using a tablet. The keyboard is also comfortable to use.

    Acer Spin 5

    The Acer Spin 5 is one of the Spin series new line that has been providing a good quality laptop since its first version. The laptop is made of plastic but it has a sleek design and sturdy material.

    The size of this laptop is perfect for both laptop and tablet use. With the HD screen, you'll find both mode to be pleasing to the eyes.

    Acer Switch Alpha

    If you prefer a versatile small laptop, the Acer Switch Alpha is definitely one of the best you can try. It has a 4GB Ram and i3 processor which is ideal for office work. If you want a handy laptop that you can use for presentations to your client, you can definitely use it.

    It runs with Windows 10 and it has a storage of 12 GB SSD. It only weighs 2.9 lbs. which is ideal to bring for outdoor meetings. The battery life can last for 8 hours which is a perfect time if you’re working that long within the day. Even you forgot to bring your charger, the laptop can still serve you.


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