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    Why Choose Maxi Cab Than A Taxi?

    Taxi is a popular transportation in every country because of it gives an ease in transportation. People who want to be transported to their desired destination can easily arrive. The waiting time decreases because they don't need to wait for a passenger to get off from the vehicle. Because in taxi, you're not joining a ride with other passengers.

    However, in Singapore, maxicab is getting more popular. It's because of the several benefits it provides to tourists. If you're a tourist and you want to enjoy traveling in the city, you need to consider a maxi cab.

    What is a maxi cab?

    A maxi cab refers to vehicles that can accommodate six to 13 passengers. It's a paid transportation service which was boringly a charter to hotels and airport. However, over the years, the demand for maxi cab increases and it has been used for several purposes. It has been used for transporting bulky items as well.

    Wheelchair transfer service

    If you're traveling with a physically challenged person, it's a must that you use a vehicle that can add comfort to the passenger. If the person needs to bring a wheelchair, a huge space is necessary.

    Therefore, choosing a maxi cab is the best option. It's spacious because it can accommodate up to 13 passengers. With this big space, you can bring the wheelchair without sacrificing comfort.

    Charter services

    If you're planning to tour around the city, you can choose the charter service package offered by maxi cab companies. The charter service varies depending on the length of time you want to use it. You can rent it for several hours or for the entire day. However, if you’re trying to save money and you have your family with you, book a maxi cab with its charter services package.

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